God Mirror Girl

God Mirror Girl

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Broken Mirrors

Hello!?!? Is this thing on?!?  

I think my God Mirror’s broken!  

I’ve been praying for guidance...nada.
I’ve been praying for that one opportunity to prove myself in the workplace...nuthin’..


Nope.  I think it’s broken.

I’ve been praying for God’s will and have been listening..or at least I think I have been. Or, what if I’ve already received the answer and didn’t hear it?  What if I totally just bombed or walked away from the opportunity?

It’s becoming harder and harder to smile and give a generic warm fuzzy answer when people ask how I’m doing.  Mostly, I'm doing well.  I have a wonderful husband who always supports me  I have teenagers/tweens...so, there’s that, but I’m not alone there and they’re by and large pretty good kids.  But I AM still unemployed and that’s starting to eat away at me. Nobody wants to be ‘that guy’ who brings everybody down with his constant complaining, but people are starting to see through the smile.

One of the hardest things is learning how to take the sincere encouragement that my friends offer.  They really believe in me. So why do I feel so awkward accepting compliments and encouragement?  

That’s an easy question.  I’m usually the one GIVING compliments and encouragement.  

It seems like I have THAT part of the God Mirror down pat.  I’m always one to encourage and boost someone.

I’m not sure what grand revelation this blog entry is supposed to reveal.  But I sure hope I figure it out soon.  I hope I figure it all out soon.  

I know in my heart that it’s ridiculous, but I swear I’m in my own personal fight club as much as I’ve been beating myself up!

It will happen, and I’ll be exactly where I’m supposed to be.  Currently, though...I’m not digging the ride.  Frankly, I’ve never been a fan of roller coasters.

If nothing else, I hope this blog entry shows others that they’re not alone.
And that their mirrors aren't broken, either. It just feels like it sometimes.
Until next time...