God Mirror Girl

God Mirror Girl

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Salt & Light

This last week at church (a great little church called Three Cross Ministries) back home in Elkhart, Pastor Jeff Lewis preached on the idea of being salt and light to the world.  It was a great sermon that really spoke to me and my God Mirror theory. 

God needs us to be salt and light to the world.  A world that has become bland and dark.  We need to speak truth to others. Most of the time, the truth we, as Christians, know, is not what the World wants to hear.  It does add flavor and color to our surroundings to not be the popular ones, and not blend in. 

This whole sermon kept drawing me back to the concept that our lives need to show others what God is and what he feels.  They need to reflect Him to the world.  His word has never told us that this would be easy, but that the rewards are innumerable.

What are some ways we can reflect God to those around us?  Let's think about some of the things that God is.
God is Love.  So, how do we love each other?  We pay attention to each other.  We spend time with each other.  We think about each other.  We support each other.  We build each other up.

God is also Truth.  Truth is clear.  Truth is not always pretty.  Truth is not always easy to hear.  Truth helps us grow.  Truth teaches us. 

Everything I can think of about God brings me back to those two things.

We need to learn the balance of loving and caring for those around us, while not letting go of God's truth.  This does not mean we must be boring sticks-in-the-mud.  We can still add our flavor to our families and friends, but we must also keep the Light of God shining in our actions and words.

If there's a magic pill to make these things easy, I've never seen it, but it will always work to His Glory. 

My goal is to make myself available to God and His will.  He will take care of the details, sometimes, even down to the point of putting the right words in our mouth when we're not able to do it on our own.

I hope all of you reading this find a way to let God work through you.  It's as much a blessing to the vessel as it is to those we love and encounter!

God Bless, and thanks for reading!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Interesting questions and funny sayings...

I just finished reading Single Dad Laughing's blog on things you thought you'd never have to say out loud to your children.  CRACKED me UP!  Now, I'd like to hear from you the most memorable questions from your kids you've ever had to answer...and how you handled it.  Let's also toss in the funny things your children have said to you out of the blue.  It's a sad day when you realize your kids may actually be funnier than you are! 

Please share! 

I'll start:  My boys were probably 4 & 5 and they came up to me and asked...'What are these balls behind my penis?'... Uhhh...Go ask your dad... then, when they asked two days later, all I could come up with was, "They are called testicles, and your body will use them later."  The response? "But What do they do?"...Again, "They're called testicles, and your body will use them later!"

I'll add more later when others have answered, too...I love my funny kids... Or, as my middle son has said, "We have ONE Messed Up Family!"  That, we do... and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dream Job

So, what is your dream job?  What would you be THRILLED to wake up every day and do?  What job would assure that you go to bed with a smile every night.  Outside of being a talent scout for the Chippendales/Hooter Girls (depending on what floats your boat)...Tell me about the job that you would LOVE to have.

For me, it came to me at work today.  I have always noticed random things...today I was noticing that all the streets in a particular neighborhood had an Alice in Wonderland theme to them.  My own neighborhood has Colorado-based street names.  A friend lives in a neighborhood with streets named after NFL teams!  How cool would that be to live on COLTS Ct?

Anyway, I decided that my dream job would be to help come up with street names and themes for the neighborhoods.

Digital Woods: BRB Blvd - TTYL Trail - WTH Way - LOL Lane - OMG Drive....

How about Comedian Cove?  Tosh Trail - Regan Road - Dat Phan Drive - Ron White Way - Cable Guy Court - Foxworthy Place - Chevy Chase Court - Dan Akroyd Ave....

Maybe go Pop Culture.  - Lady GaGa Lane - Katy Perry Court - Eminem Way - Taylor Swift Trail - The Hannah Montana Clubhouse - Big Time Rush Road.

Oohhh... POLITICS! Obama Lane (It's a dead end road with lots of turnover - People don't live there very long) - Bush Blvd - Chaney Court - Biden Blvd... -- and for my Indiana friends... Daniels Drive - Bennett Blvd - Coats Court -- Even going vague... Election Lane - Primary Place - Voter Blvd - Polling Place - Recount Court - Senator Street - Representative Road - Fillibuster Blvd - Elephant Way - Donkey Drive (I could go on forever...)

I can tell you, though, that there are some roads I, personally, wouldn't be caught dead living on.  There's a road in my little corner of America that's name resembles something that might happen after a bad order of sushi.  It's called Sharsted Ct.  Seriously?!?  Would YOU move onto a road that sounds like you didn't quite make it to the restroom after you mistakenly trusted a fart?  If you've ever driven south through Kentucky, you've probably passed Stinking Creek Road.  How romantic to meet the man/woman of your dreams and when they come over to meet your family you actually have to say "turn left on Stinking Creek Road" ... Kind of kills the mood, doesn't it?  I'm pretty sure I passed that one on the same trip that I drove past Bucksnort, Tennessee. 

I'll address unfortunate City names and ironic/unfortunate last names in another entry.

Seriously, though...Where else could I combine my love of writing with my warped affinity for grammar and alliteration and make money?!  I mean, my kids don't appreciate my humor, but someone might... Maybe even enough to pay me to do it!?!  Anyone?  Anyone.... Bueller...

Share some of your favorite/least favorite road names/and neighborhood themes. 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Friends are pretty fantastic mirrors, too

"Have you been writing?"

"I'm waiting to read...." 

I have many friends out there who are wonderful, but one, in particular, has been my biggest encourager in this venture.  Thanks so much for that!  You know who you are. For you and because of your encouraging, I've come to a conclusion.

I have a hunch that in order to continue writing this little blog, I'm going to have to wander away and back to my initial 'theme'....although the title will remain. 

I just feel like right now I'm writing the same entry over and over.  So, I'm going to begin letting my mind wander and see what comes out.

I'm sure many topics will come from my children.  Funny little people, they are..  :)

If you're reading this, thanks for hangin' with me and my randomness in posting.  I'll resolve to be better about blogging in 2011! 

If you have a favorite kid story, remind me and I'll try to make it interesting to others, too!  :)

God Bless!