God Mirror Girl

God Mirror Girl

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

So, THAT's what a mirror does?

It reflects yourself back to you.  Who’da thunk it?

Duh, right?  I mean, I’ve only been chewing on this God Mirror idea for almost 10 years now.  Why hurry into doing anything with it?

So, what did the mirror show me?  Well, It’s amazing what a mirror will show you when you let others serve a your God Mirror. 

I’ve been in a gloomy place in my life lately.  Probably my depression rearing its ugly head.  Poor health, poor attitude, poor sleep (which is ironic, because I do love my sleep).  In short, my give-a-damn was just flat broke. 

So, starting a couple of years ago, I did a sleep study.  Let me tell you, I was HAWTT (say it in Paris Hilton’s voice) with all that goop in my hair and wires connected to multiple places on my body.  News Flash!  Sleep Apnea.  (My husband and kids could have you that without me having to spend a night in a strange bed looking like a lab rat – but I’m sure they appreciated told the break)  Enter: CPAP machine.  It was a gift from above. Let. Me. Tell. You.  Actually, my husband would tell you first.  I mean, sure, I look like Bane from the Batman Returns movies, but I was sleeping so much better!  I mean, I still wanted naps, but not nearly at the frequency as I had before.  It was less of a need and more for enjoyment.  (Hey, you have your hobbies, I have mine)

After working with my amazing nurse practitioner, we’ve finally gotten some of my health levels under control. I’m even losing a few pounds!  *woot*woot*

*yawn, Amy, get on with it*

Give-a-damn, still busted. 

So, at the urging of my husband and NP, I went to see a counselor.  Someone I’d found through a friend.  He’s someone I’d gotten to know a bit before I started seeing him as a counselor.  One of the first things he told me was that he thought I was very intelligent. *inert sarcastic comment because I don’t know how to take a compliment*.  “No, seriously, you’re very smart. Do you believe that?”  “Uhhh….sure”.

Further in the conversation, he asked if people tended to come to me and share about their lives…How did he know!?!   Yeah, that DOES happen.  “Have you ever considered being a counselor?”  Apparently, my face lit up. 

Long story short, I’m applying to graduate school for Marriage and Family counseling.  Nothing I’d ever considered before, but with the support and urging of my husband, children, parents, friends, and counselor, it looks like I’m going to change my career at 43. 

So, that brings you up to today.

Stay tuned.  I’m sure it’ll be a rocky road, but it’ll be worth it.  Right?!?