God Mirror Girl

God Mirror Girl

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Different Subjects: Different Mirror

I noticed this week (as I'm spending time with just me and the kids) that your God Mirror changes depending on who's looking in it. 

If kids are looking at you, they need to see themselves as God does...as children who need guidance, discipline, and boundaries.

If a person who's hurting is looking into your God Mirror, they may need to see how God loves them no matter what they're going through.

If someone is a little too self-righteous, maybe they need to see that from us, too...of course, in the loving way that God would show them.

Keeping our eyes and hearts focused on God, he'll make sure we know what each person we meet needs reflected back to them.  Looking toward Him will lead us all along the right path, and keep our own God Mirrors in check.  Don't forget, we need to check ours constantly, too.

Although it seems like a lot of stuff to keep track of, all we need to do is keep track of our relationship with God, and he'll guide us the rest of the way.

Here's to hoping that your God Mirror is clean and shiny every day!

God Bless!

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  1. I love the idea of this! It absolutely does depend on who is looking at us. I have never considered this in this light before. Definitely something to think about. Thank you so much!